Turning 650r heavy front end

I ride the bike on hard packed dirt with a mixture of large and small rocks{very slippery] and it seems to make the front end of my bike want to give underneath me. I nearly have to mount the handle bars with my groin and come to a stop to get it to turn. I feel i could get this bike to go pretty quick in the tight trails if i could only get it to turn. Any helping hints would be great. It also does'nt help with an abrupt stock carb.

You have to tell yourself to stay on the gas. If you stay on the gas it will turn

Ditto to what Jim said. These bikes thrive on momentum. When you want to crawl, the bike doesn't. Try moving your fork tubes a few mm's up in the clamp. This will help you turn but will offset some high speed stability. Always a give and take...

Exactly what Jim & Tim said,Stay on the gas and keep her moving,she'll go.. :applause:

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