2006 WR steel frame?

Will the steel frame stay durable and not rust at the coast? What can I do to prevent rusting of the frame?

Painting it... maybe once every 10 years !

Use a skidplate to protect the frame rails on the bottom, mine are rusting pretty good because I waited a couple of months before I bought a new skidplate. I usually soak my engine compartment with WD40, that helps too. PJ1 sells OEM paint to match the Yamadog. Two coats of YZ blue and two coats of the clear makes the frame look like new... :applause:

I live by the sea. I just don't go riding through salt water.

frame guards will stop the rusting from your boots wearing the paint away, and as Dan says a good bash plate is needed to protect the frame rails.

I put "jesus" tape on high wear areas, like inbetween the frame and the frame guards, on the frame next to my fuel filter. As the tape gets stuffed, just replace.

I wash my bike after I go riding then give it a spray with CRC longlife, I spray all the electrics with CRC 5.56 or 2.26, all from my work sponsorship, of course!

Where in the Emirates are you?

I know in Dubai the tap water is partially desalinated sea water but the salt content is still very high - just taste it.

As for rust - Keep the salt OFF, keep it dry (not a problem in your climate) and keep it lubed and protected as above.

I think the steel tubing on the WR is a crome moly mix which from memory of previous bikes I had is usually fairly rust resistant anyway.

I think you have to be more concerned about what affect the dust and sand will have on the motor and drive train. There is plenty of advice around on those two fronts.

Happy riding..

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