Valve spring question

I was doing a routine valve adjustment and found a broken intake spring. This leads me to believe that there is a God, and that he likes me,:bonk: cause the valve didnt drop, nor did it even hit the piston. All is well save for the broken spring.

A quick call to XR's Only and a day later a set of KibbleWhite springs is waiting on my doorstep when I get home. (I still have to wait for the gaskets, but thats another story..)

On to the question. Looking at the Kibblewhite springs quickly reveals that they are not the same as the ones in the head. The KB springs appear to be a bit shorter, and the seat is very thick, where the ones in the head are more like a cupped washer. I suppose they could be stock, but the bike is equipped with HRC's power up kit, so I'm not familiar with the spring set up.

I will install them, and obviously check for proper height and coil bind, and as long as everything is OK, do you guys think there is any other potential problems I may encounter?

Increased spring pressure cause a problem?

Why the shorter spring and increased seat height? :applause:

Not sure what you mean by seat height,Do you mean installed height..

What kind of pressure diff. is there, Your old springs are going to be weaker and shorter do to spring sag...

The spring seat very thick?? Tite coils at the bottom of spring??

I probably should have posted this from home, where I could post pictures.....

The spring assembly is made up of three pieces, on top; the retainer, then the spring itself, and on the bottom is the seat. the stock seat is very thin, and the KB version is much thicker, like a 1/4 inch or so.

OK, I understand what your saying, You need to measure the installed hite and check valve seat press. compared to stock specs.

Diff. spring manufacturing designs are differnt in the wire they use for there springs and the way they wrap there coils and diff. retainers can change installed hite, That is why you need to double check all specs before installing.

Installed hite, valve seat press.,full open press.,coil bind , check for retainer clearance to valve guide and stem seal at full lift , at least .060 clearance and check for retainer and rocker arm clearance when valve is closed.

You can PM me if you like if you have any other ??, I have been doing engine machine work for over 25 years and have my own mach. shop equipment.

But am retired due to MS..... :applause:

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