Stock tank range with mods?

Guys and gals,

For those of you that have modded your bike (carb rejets, pipe, etc.) but not upgraded your tank, how many miles do you get before you hit reserve with the stock tank?

I used to get about 90 or so, but after rejetting, K&N, etc., I'm down to 80 or so. Normal? Typical? Hmm... :applause:

I really didn't notice a difference after the carb mods, I still get about 100 miles on the hiway and about 65 on the dirt. I have a 96 650L, don't know if they have changed tanks sizes though?

I believe 80 was about it. Fuel millage definitely took a hit.

about 50 in the dirt.....i really rip on her.

i ran out of gas at 68 miles on my 450x.

It really depends on the position of your wrist.

81 miles to reserve. Procircuit T4 pipe. Not sure about the jetting.

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