Air Filter Greese ?? Chain Cleanning ?

I know you are supposed to seal the air filter with grease or we used to when I was ridding Dirt bikes in the 80's. What are you guys using now. I have some Belray grease at home , should I use this on the filter to seal against the boot ?

Second question what is the best thing to use to clean an O ring Chain ?

I have used Kerosene in the past is this ok for O rings ?

I hate to admit it, (being a Yamaha guy)....but I use Honda's Foam Air Filter sealer grease. It's specifically made for this purpose. The nearest dealer is a Honda shop, so I generally get stuff there. It looks similar to a Toothpaste tube.

You probably could use Bel-Ray waterproof grease, but I don't know if the grease might attack the filter's composition, and over time eat it, so I've been happy with the Honda stuff.

Kerosene should be fine for the "o" rings.....I think they are made of "Buna" type of rubber which should be fine with any type of chemical you'd use around a motorcycle....(i.e. Gasoline, Kerosene, oil, grease, and other chain lube's etc.)

I generally use a "grunge brush" which is a NYLON brush designed for use with a Motorcycle chain, and I spray Simple Green on the chain and then use the "grunge" brush on it, followed by water, and chain lube. You can get a "grunge" brush at your dealer.

Several times a year I will take the chain completely off and soak it in kerosene for a few hours, using the Grunge brush again. I think letting the chain soak for a few hours is the best thing to really get it clean, and really loosen up the embedded dirt.

I use the maxima waterproof grease. It comes in a black tub and its blue so you can see where you have sealed. To clean the chain I have a grunge brush that i use while washing the bike. After wards I use a motul chain clean , and after using that I warm the chain and lube it.

Not sure if the kerosene is going to ruin the o rings.

I stopped using sealing grease and bought a Pro Seal. Its like a gasket that adheres onto the air box and has a cushy rubber that seals against the filter. It's cleaner and never needs replaced.

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