'04-'05 YZ450 Owners...

Can somebody with an '04 or '05 YZ450 please measure the length of their clutch arm (motor end)? You don't have to take it out or anything, just measure the centerpoints of the arm. Center of shaft pivot to center of cable end hole on the '03 is 35mm, I believe the earlier and later ones were shorter but I'm not positive.

(I'm basically looking at the leverage length of the arm, the longer the arm the easier the pull but also less clutch pushrod travel.)


I already asked this but the title I used only got 12 hits and no response. I guess instead of asking for "info" in the title I should have said something about pictures of naked girls so people would actually read the post. Or maybe I should have said something about sticking a pencil down my top end, that probably would have gotten a few thousand views!


Just got back from taking the measurement in my garage...

it measured 35mm or 36mm, on my 2004 Yzf 450

Hope this helps...


Well, if my wife hadn't put the camera where I couldn't find it this would have been up sooner.

I figured a pic is worth a thousand words.

2004 YZ450f


im just guessing but I assume you are trying to reduce clutch pull on your '03.

If so then all that needs to be done is to replace your stock 03 clutch setup with the parts from an 04. Everything between the lever and the case. ( you need the 04 clutch arm too.) I did this in 05 along with the GYTR clutch kit< ( didnt use the arm in the kit) and my pull is alot easier now. I dont think the clutch kit had anything to do with pull reduction, but it made the clutch engagement alot smoother.

good luck


Thanks guys, isn't it interesting how much the title of a post makes? 32 hits in half an hour vs. 12 hits in 4 days!

Thanks again for taking the time to measure and even take pictures, my question has been answered. I've used a Magura juice clutch for 5 years or so, when I replaced the one on my YZ450, Magura changed the slave cylinder bore so I ended up with a little stiffer pull and too much travel. (With clutch cables or levers it's always a compromise between light pull and sufficient plate travel.) I'll either call them and see if they'll exchange the slave with the bigger bore version, or lengthen the clutch arm. If the other 450's had a longer arm I'd order one, but it looks like they don't. I've lengthened clutch arms before, it's not that big of a deal, but it would have been easier if one of the other models came with a longer one.

Thanks again, you guys are quick!


I added 1/2 inch to the clutch arm on my '03 and the pull is better. I didn't make any other changes. Simple job for a welder. I've drilled the inner clutch hub as per Dr. D's mods it is still a little grabby but not a problem for me (not enough to justify new plates, cable arm etc.)

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