Guys, I need your help with my sons PW-80...

My son and I are desperate to go riding on Sunday but we have a slight problem. My sons PW-80 isn't running right.

The bike will start, but if you hold the throttle steady at say 1/4 throttle, the bike will rev on it's own. If you let the bike run like this for a few moments the bike will just die. Even if the throttle is open...

I cleaned the air filter, same problem.

I put a new spark plug in, same problem.

I field cleaned the carb. Problem gone. Bike ran great...for about 15 minutes...problem came back.

Any suggestions?

I was thinking, possible air leak?

Much thanks!

Mr T

My first bike was a 1986 BW 80, 6 yrs ago(same as the PW80 but with wide wheels BW= big wheel)! Your problem sounds like what mine was doing 6 yrs ago! One day I oiled/cleaned the air filter and after that is wouldnt run! I found out later, you are NOT supposed to put air filter oil on the filter on the PW80. It is a real thin filter and the oil will just get sucked into the carb. Afer I removed the oil from the filter, I cleaned the carb really good and it fired up first kick. Hope this helps solve your problem,



I get my kicks on a 426!

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From your description of the problem (revving) sounds like its running too lean. Maybe an air leak as you mentioned, or maybe it's starving for fuel. You said after you cleaned the carb out it seemed to help for a little while,, maybe there is some crud plugging the pilot jet. I would try to clean the carb again and make sure the jets are not plugged. Then, verify good fuel flow from the tank petcock, and maybe install an inline fuel filter to insure nothing will get into the clean carb.

Good Luck.

Motoman, that makes perfect sense. It ran fine after I cleaned the carb but then sucked some of that oil back into the carb. Probably the pilot like Sodhead said.

As soon as my son wakes up we'll go back out clean the carb and filter.

Thanks guys.

Mr T

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