hot start cable

has anybody found hot start cable to be to short to move from clutch side to throttle side ie cable to short when using aftermarket hot start lever

I just did it and it worked out just fine, for some reason The new lever wouldnt spring load back as well as it did before though, I think I may have damaged the old one, anyway I got a new cable for $13 (stock cable) and works fine.

The only thing is my new hot start lever (Dr.D) didnt come with a dust guard and the old one couldnt fit so I just put grease in the cable exit to prevent sand from getting in the cable.Also put grease on you hot start plunger while you are at it to make sure it never seizes in there.its real quick and easy!

but did you manage to get the cable in front of the triple clamp and the front number plate as stock or did you have to run it behind the triple clamp

I ran it just like stock except it went off to the right by the throttle instead of the left above the clutch lever.I believe it is in front of the triple clamp but behind the number me it will work, its a easy switch, just unscrew the plastic plug by the plunger and pull it out so you can pull enough slack on the cable to insert it in the new lever, the cable has a rubber type coating on it and i scratched it all up trying to get it on without giving it slack and that ended up binding up the cable and so I had to get a new cable.

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