My Desert Tank just installed


Got this tank off Ebay about a month ago. I finally got around to installing it. Piece of Cake. The Acerbis tank I bought for the KLX was a PITA to install.

I like this YZ more and more. Now I'm ready for desert riding. The KLX is a little under powered, but had the range. Now I have the range and the power. Way Cool! :applause:

How many gallons is that? The only thing I would be worried about is hitting the goods on the tank. It really sticks up a lot more than the regular one.

This tank is 3+ gallons. 3.4 I think. The choke is buried and not simple to pull anymore. And the oil stick is going to be a challenge to get at. I'm 40+ and the "goods" have been down graded to "just okays". It's a 40 thing. :applause:

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