broken kick start

i have an 03 wr450f that i picked up a couple of months ago. i love this bike!! on my last ride it back fired after a kick start (no electric start cuz of empty battery). now the kick start lever moves down and up without doing anything. anyone had this it an easy fix.....

I may or may not be an easy fix.

If you did not break anything on the case then its fairly easy but a bit of work.

You have to remove the clutch (complete) and then remove the right side case, water pump, oil filter stuff, disconnect all the water lines on the right side of the motor.

Then you have to remove the associated gears (not tranny gears) that connect the kickstarter gear to the primary drive.

there is a return spring, and a stop mechanism the keeps the kickstarter from rotating all the way around.

On the earlier YZ/WR's (426) this was fairly common and sometimes resulted in cracked (inner) cases which was a way expensive fix.

This recently happened to me on my 426 and aside from taking about 2 hours to get it apart and put back together it cost about $30.00 in parts (gaskets, oil etc.)

In your case you may have just broken the spring or you may have split the idler gear that drives the whole kickstart mechanism and that may cost $30 or $40 by itself, and then you still need the gaskets oil and other crap.

You have to take it apart to inspect it, but the manual is really clear on how to get it apart and it comes apart really easy so dont be afraid of doing it yourself.

If you dont have an impact gun to get the clutch basket nut loose make sure you have a big breaker bar and someone to push the brake pedal with the bike in gear while you muscle the nut loose.

Other than that simple deal as long as you did not break anything major inside.

teamscream said it all the only thing i have to add is DON'T start the bike until you have fixed the problem ,my bike broke the stop off and it ate 4 gears and a basket before i noticed the noise,

In 03 the kickstart shaft diameter (the one that protrudes from outter case) is smaller than 04 and later bikes, as is the kickstarter lower portion that attaches to shaft. I bought an 03 with a sheered kickstart shaft which had also damaged right outter case at a great price. But what I did was install all 04 parts :thumbsup: right outter case, kick start gear assembly, and lower portion of kickstart shaft) I guess yamaha relized they had electrical (torque limiter) and mechanical (kickstart gear assembly and shaft) starting issues and either way you manage to get a stock 03 running they both should be modified with 04 parts.

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