WR450 lighting

How many watts does a WR 450 produce? Do you need to rewind the stator to run a good light?

Thanks for the information.


04' is 120W. I will run Acerbis DHH with 2 ea 50 watters and it lights up poretty good :applause:

Is it the same for US models?


Yes, same for

04' is 120W. I will run Acerbis DHH with 2 ea 50 watters and it lights up poretty good :applause:

Woh!! My 03 AC stator coil maxed out when I tried to run 90 watts. Little over 60 watts is the most I can add without the light starting to dim. (55watt headlight is stock) Never been able to find an officail rating on the AC stator. I THINK my system is working OK? :bonk::cry:

I called ricky stator last week and he can not rewind our stator. He said what we have is about the best we're going to get...

baja designs will wind a stator enough to run an hid system i dunno how many watts that is


Why would you want to ride HID from stator ? it would not work because it takes almost 15 amperes to light it up. Take it from battery like I do.

Timo Mc

Does your battery stay charged?

The 120w stator output is unregulated AC that is regulated/rectified to ~55w AC and ~25w DC. The 450 runs the headlight on AC and charges the battery with DC. A 55w headlight bulb is about the max you can use without dimming.

An HID light runs on DC only and uses about 35w to 50w. It can run off the battery, but will eventually run the battery down because of the ~25w charging circuit. BTW, a 35w HID puts out way more light than a 55w halogen.

The solution is to convert to 100% DC which will increase the DC output to ~80w. Info here.Trail Tech

This is what many of us do to our KTMs to get extra power to run better lights, a radiator fan, grip warmers, GPS, and other misc junk.

edit: I forgot to mention that I just got a new WR450 to replace my XR650 Baja bike. Using the Trail Tech DC conversion, stator rewind, and their flywheel with high strength magnets - 110w DC should be available. Also, I'll probably get the 4 oz lighter flywheel ($130) to give the WR a little more snap.

Does your battery stay charged?

I have been running a HID on my bike for a month now. I measured charging so that HID was on and also my helmet halogen. With 35W helmet halogen charging voltage dropped to 12.5V but with 20W halogen it stays over 13V which I think is the lowest if you want to keep your battery charged. I haven't done any stator mods so far and don't see any reason to do so either. HID and helmet halogen is enought light for me :applause:

Timo Mc

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