wileyco exhaust. any good?

has anyone had experience with this product or heard anything? from what i could find out there is no spark arrestor available, i would like one. i would think one from another manufacturer could be made to work. any ideas? they only cost $100.00 just wondering if that is because they are junk. i,ve got an 86 xr600r street legal, mostly go exploring on back country roads so no real rough stuff. thanks :applause:

ya definitely need a spark arrestor, not only to conform to Forest Service laws, but common sense .. "only YOU can prevent forest fires ! " ... a very good economical pipe, try the Supertrapp IDS2, cheaper than most quality pipes ... www.rockymountainmc.com ... (the XR600 model fits the XR650L perfectly) .. :applause:

thanks rc. didn't know 650l will swap over. more for me to look at. tim

i ended up ordering one last night. $115.00 from a distributor who is liquidating his stock. contacted the manufacturer directly they want $ 315.00 for the same exhaust. maybe this is one of those rare deals that don't happen often enough, for me anyways. we'll see.

which pipe? The Supertrapp or wileyco? If Supertrapp, whom did you snag it from? Thanks

the wileyco. looks like a decent pipe, all stainless steal and the manufacturers DO have an arrestor available. got it off e bay. wrightscp is the name of the person or bussiness. all good reviews.

thanks, give us a report when you get it. I'm curious how well it performs and mounts up.

will do. should be here on the 23rd

Just bought one too. Apparently they are big in Australia, and are a decent company over there, hence the normal MSRP of ~$300. For $115 to my door I don't care if it sounds any different than stock, as long as it looks better.

And besides if I don't like it, I can just wait until this guy is out of them and sell it for the low low price of $200!

How will this wileyco mount on? It doesnt look like a slip on. Just curious cause I would like to pick one up if it isnt real hard to mount.

Auction says it comes with adapter pipe, so it looks like the cans are all the same and the adapter is bike-specific and "slips on."

I'm not 100% sure, but this is what I expect.

Also, after a little more research, apparently they come with a lifetime warranty, and are completely rebuildable. I also heard that it might be possible to get a carbon fiber "skin" instead of the stainless for all mufflers.

what supafly said. but if you want one better hurry. after i ordered mine it said only 2 available.

as of about 10 this morning, he is out of them...I was going to snag the last one prior to the last one being sold but noticed he only accepts PayPal, so I was going to have a friend snag it for me, but by the time I got a hold of him it was gone :thumbsup: Doah! Oh well. Make sure to give us a report on how well it works...from the dyno I saw on the 250, I figured it should be a great improvement on the 600 as well.

i saw the dyno test also. looks good. got my fingers crossed

I got the second to last available...so some lucky fool snagged the last one. It's gonna be a race as to who gets theirs first, as I ordered a day after Timothy but since the guy ships from Oregon and I'm in NorCal, we'll see. I'll post pics when I get it.

I got the last one! Hope it mounts ok. Let me know how the rest of yours goes. Thanks!

as of 3 am this morn. mine was 120 mi. away according to ups tracking, so i hung around alllllll day waiting. no go. guess i'll have to wait till monday. to bad it was nice and sunny could have took it for a spin in the couple inches of fresh snow. i'll post a pic when i get it put on. tim

I got the last one! Hope it mounts ok. Let me know how the rest of yours goes. Thanks!

so you are the one that beat me to the punch. I saw 1 sitting there that morning and while waiting for my buddy to get back to me or the guy selling the pipe, you snagged it. After the fact, the guy got back to me and said he would also take MO or Cashiers Check, so I could have snagged it..oh well. Let us know how it works out :thumbsup:

Please do send a pic in. I am real excited to see if it goes on right.

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