400$ to spend on stalk 05 yz125

i dont know what to start on i got my yz125 runs good but got 400$ to spend what should i get?

Id spend it on some help to try and remove the stalk....... :applause:

Well depending on what your riding style is....you didnt bother to share, Id say a Vforce reed cage and some suspension upgrades. After that focus on the exhaust. PC platinum and a 304 shorty make a nice combo on the 05 125.

Send in your suspension to Devol and have them revalve the fork , preload the fork springs and change the shock oil. That should leave you enough for a FMF shorty.

I would do suspension first and add a V-Force and FMF SST pipe + FMF shorty. The SST worked wonders on my previous YZ125.

DOnt sst pipes ruin your motor? Anyway, Reeds/Pipe/SUpspension

Nope- but you do need to check the jetting after installation.

I have an 05 yz 125. I race off road, but the best thing I have done is suspension. A steering stabilizer is probally the second best improvement. Cylinder porting help with the power all round.

Don't get an SST pipe. I did not notice any change in power! Go with procircuit or the fmf fatty.

Yamahas have great suspension. Get a 135 kit. Get it bored, replated and get a bigger piston.

Id spend it on some help to try and remove the stalk

am i the only one who thought this was pretty funny

DO NOT GO V-FORCE.. everybody thinks theyre the best just becuase of all the ads in magazines, here there and everywhere. do a search in the general forum. i had a thread for just boyesen vs v-force. nearly everybody who had actually did a comparison said the boyesen provided more power all around for the YZ125... the v-force reed cage is a composite snap together design, and there have been cases of them shattering and going all through the motor.

for my yz125 i got

boyesen RAD valve reeds

procircuit platinum pipe

r304 silencer

ported/polished/head work

and many other things, but those are the main power changes ive made

I have an '06 which is nearly the same as the '05 one the best bang for the buck mod's on that motor is a reed block. The stock system is alittle restrictive I was going to get the vforce 3 myself I have been told by a good source it increased on the dyno 1hp overral threw out and that the boyesen which basically the same. I have not personally tried any pipes but I've heard the fmf Factory fatty doesn't take away from the bottom unlike the PC but does give it better mid/top. I know they dyno'd some other pipes but the FMF factory fatty proved best but it must be the factory version not the regular. I think he said the DEP was also another good pipe. The rest were no better than stock. I have seen the FMF and PC pipes in person and I have to believe the FMF is the better design. The FMF is more like the stocker the exhuast flange is a straight design which straight is better for flow especially on a 125. Yamaha was trying to copy KTM with the straight on direct flow design it part of why KTM makes so much power. The PC pipe is not straight exhaust flange they put a crappy hook in it's design. I don't know why they did that cause every other after market pipe I've seen doesn't have this on the yz from '05 up on PC does. I was told on the dyno the PC mimic'd stock I know they tested the pipes a few times and the FMF performed the most consistantly with the DEP a good 2nd. Was really stressin the fmf factory fatty and the Vforce 3 setup. Says the Vforce is good for bout 1 hp and the fatty was good for about a 1/2 hp!

Okay now after hearing all of that I have decided that the Vforce sounds like a sure thing and the pipe well find one used 2nd hand! Watch on ebay I have seen a few times where the DEP u.s. importer is selling brand new pipe/short silencer combo on ebay for $265!! At best I can get a fmf factory fatty pipe alone for like $240 mail order!

Best thing for your money and faster lap times is getting your suspension done. Just go to Enzo and get it serviced. After that I would go with reeds. Then after that I would go with a PC pipe and silencer. But if you want to get faster lap times then get your suspension tuned in, and then after that just go down the list.

First change I make on any bike is setting the suspension up for my weight and terrain. Best money you will spend on your bike.

i went with a PC plat pipe and shorty sil, along with the vforce 3. i thought it really woke the bike up. also, i added 1 tooth on the rear.

is the fmf shorty really loud. it looks like it would be loud because of how small it is. would it be louder than like a powercore 4 silencer. if so how much more. alot?

is the fmf shorty really loud. it looks like it would be loud because of how small it is. would it be louder than like a powercore 4 silencer. if so how much more. alot?

ya, its pretty loud. about the same as my PC Shorty. when you are opened up its kinda harsh/high-pitched. its not a ton louder than a powercore but noticeable. its a harsher sound, which is the main difference.

On our 05 125 :::: the pc pipe did nothing more than move the power around ie: lost alittle low ,gained alittle mid and top the factory pipe was better all around tried several different silencers,minimal diference at best the vforce reed block?? that made quite a noticeable improvement well worth the money 2 more teeth on the back sprocket-helped everywhere but the very top, but then again ,around here we dont have alot of 6th gear wound out mx tracks. suspension! big difference in being able to use the power that is there.

FMF shorty, renthal bars/grips.gripper seat cover. new piston.new renthal chain and sproket.

am i the only one who thought this was pretty funny

i thought it was to

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