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I am looking at a 94' XR650L. Does anyone have opinions on this mid 90s model. I am just looking to get it for street and very minor trails. I have a YZ250F for my dirt fun. Going to use to save on gas so I actually have money to race the YZ. Also what do you think a good price is for it. Its not mint by any means, but looks not to be beaten to death with 10,000 miles Thanks

The 94 is the same as a 2005. Nothing changes on these bikes. Mine came with a corbin, new chain and sprockets, and a full WB pipe. Also had handguards and bars. 6k miles and I paid $2,500. Its a rock solid bike that is easy to work on. Valve adjustments are cake. I took all the shocks off of mine when I got it and had them rebuilt. Dont know if it needed it but I was heading to Moab for a week so didnt want to take a chance. Lots of mods to do if you want and everyone carries parts since the bike has been around for so long. If you have no need to go 100mph across the desert, its a great bike.



95 KLX 650C

02 Dakar

03 BMW 1100S BCR

due to its age, I shouldnt think it would go for more than $1500, IF it runs well, ... just an uneducated guess ...

If the oil and filters were maintained it is probably fine. My L has about 10,000 miles on it also and is still very solid.

I paid $2100 for my 94 last fall. I had never owned a thumper before (unless you count the 1948 Cushman scooter I had in High School). I've been very pleased. It had 8,000 miles and had some scratches, etc. I'm an old guy and ride like the grandpa I am. I get 50 MPG and the liability only insurance costs me $40 per year. It's almost as much fun as the V-Strom but in a different way.

Buy the Bike.


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