Just a quick word of appreciation for Thumpertalk and all you guys for your helpful posts. I just finished my 1st valve check / adjustment (500 miles on my '04). I needed to adjust all five valves--two were right on the tight limit so I adjusted them while I was at it. Without the helpful info and pictures on this database, I wouldn't have had the guts to tackle the adjustment myself. And wonder of all wonders, when I put it all back together----IT STARTED UP AND RAN FINE! :applause:

I have sure benefited from all you guys' experience in terms of mods, jetting, suspension, input on accessories, tires, dual-sporting my bike, and of course, saving money by not having the dealer do all the maintenance. :bonk:

Thumpertalk is what it is because of a great group of people who love to ride and who take the time to share what they know. :cry:

Thanks, guys! GROUP HUG! ( :cry: Yuck--just kidding.)

Just a word of warning from the local Yamaha dealer in Australia regarding this ... (who probably stands to lose a few service $$ from the DIY's). Be sure to follow the correct tightening procedure on the cams after adjusting the clearences as doing this incorrectly could result in excessive and premature wear - hope this helps !

Wow! All five after only 500 miles? I have over 1200 miles on my '04 WR450 and I just checked them last week and all were still within spec. :applause: This place is pretty awesome, isn't it? :bonk:

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