Special tool for rear shock removal?

Is there a special tool for moving the lock ring and other ring on the rear shock when loosening them for removal of the shock? I thought I read about hitting them with a hammer and scre driver to loosen them up. That worked fine on the lock nuck, but it seems like a lot of beating to turn the lower one until the tension is removed. I don't want to ding it up if I should be using a special tool, etc.

Hammer and big screwdriver fine. You can buy spring compressor tool at auto shop

that makes job a bit easier only when shock is out of bike.

you can sometimes just grab the spring tightly by hand and turn it. If you are lucky. the ring turns with it

First, go to Sears and get a nice long punch. It will work much better and you won't get hurt. Screw drivers, especially those with plastic or resin handles, should never be hit with a hammer.

This will work on the upper and lower nut with the shock on the bike.

Second, if you want to turn the nut with the shock off you can get a cheap spanner wrench or a large channel lock. This will make it much easier to turn the nut.

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