99 yz400f

Going to look at and possibly buy a 99 yz400f tomorrow. I do mostly trail riding. The bike has a 10 oz flywheel weight and is geared down quite a bit. Any advise on what to look for on the bike, and if I do buy it what will I need to add to it to make a good trail machine.


Well it already has a flywheel weight and it is geared down.... if I was in your shoes the next things I would get would be barkbusters and a kickstand.

You should also get frame gaurds and a better exhaust system. the stocker is not smooth by any means. I posted in the other yz400 thread on what to look for.

Have fun..................the bike is fast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The timing chain is the weakest link in the motor. I would replace it, if it hasn't been yet. Fresh oil and clean air filters will make it last a long time.

I bought the bike! Took it for a spin around the block and could not believe the power. My last bike was a crf250x it was quite slow. The only thing is the noise of the exhaust. It has a E series with a header pipe. He gave me the quiet core insert but he siad when he installed it it made the bike pop. anybody have any ideas how to put the quiet core in and solve the popping bproblem? Do I need to add more disks?>


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