Heat reflective tape on a gas tank!!

I have twice now redone the underside of my Acerbis tank with Aluminum tape to reflect the heat off. Ride once and the 'kin stuff starts to peel off!! I am tired of replacing it! Is there a simple fix, ...super glue.... one time tape...anything.... :applause::bonk:


i had the same problem with my TT600R Try to find this, in france it's called "dip bande d'ètanchéité - autocollante". It's an aluminium/bitume repair tape for windows, chimneys, roofs etc. it's 10cm large - and 3 metres long. the alumium side is heat reflecting, and the other side is a kind of thick black glue (bitumen).


its probably peeling off because the gasoline works its way thru the pores of the tank ... its why some people have trouble keeping graphic stickers on them ... (nobody Ive seen runs heat-reflective tape on their tanks anyway) .. :applause:

I have a Clark 4.7gal plastic tank and I put Thermo-Tec Adhesive Backed Heat Barrier from Thermo Tec on the underside of the tank. I have had it on for about 6 months now without any problems. Less than $10.00 at https://speedzone24-7.com/adhesive.htm . I found that the header wrap made a huge difference in heat dissipation and helped to cool the motor down during the hot South Texas heat of the Rio Grande Valley.

Mi dos centavos,

One of the ways to make it work for extended periods of time is proper preparation. Take time to drain and air out the tank. Then clean it with isopropyl alcohol to remove all surface contaminents. Rough it with some fine sandpaper and then clean again. Then take a good plastic primer and place a barrier between the tank and the reflective wrap. Then apply a product such as the other two posts have suggested. The result will be a correct and long lasting application.

I have often wondered if this effort was really worth it and contended that a bright chrome metallic style paint might work nearly as well as the reflective wrap??? As a plus this type of material would be easy to re-coat and/or repair scratches and/or damage and wouldn't have water/mud intrusion type problems that a wrap often does in wet environments.

can you get black heat tape?

The black heat tape would actually absorb heat, causing heat soak, not reflect it. Would defeat the purpose.

The black heat tape would actually absorb heat, causing heat soak, not reflect it. Would defeat the purpose.

no, black absorbs heat in the form of light.....radiant heat is totaly different.

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