Yz400 Advice?

Hi there i have recently won a yz400 99 model on the dreaded ebay. The description of the bike says that it is mint, but i was just wondering if you could give me any advice on what to look out for on the bike.

Many thanks steve

You should look at the basic condition of the frame,pant rub,chips etc. This will let you know if the bike has been ridden hard. You should also check the chain and sprokets aswell. Also feel the clutch,if it takes wayyyyyyyyyy late then its time for new.When you go to kick the bike over dont pull the decompression lever in and try to push down on the kicklever. You should not be able to. If you push down and the motor rotates you are in need of new rings or a valve adjustment. And last but not least check you valves and timming chain.

Other that that you are set! Its a rock solid bike! The 400 may be getting old but the bike is great and will still hold up to 450s no problem~


Hi there thanks for the quick reply,is there a quick way of knowing if the timing chain and valves are ok.

yup. just take the vavle cover off and get the piston to top dead center or(TDC) and get the right sized feeler gauges and slide them between the lobes. your timming chain should be tight. if it is not tight tighten up the adjuster on the head of the motor. if the chain is still loose you need to change it. The chain is 32 bucks at a dealer and changing it is a pain.

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