My friend wants a 450

Well my friend rode my bike. Now he wants one. The only problem is that he has to earn the money for the bike. He has to pay back is dad for his KDX220.($650)

He didnt have to buy it all himself, just had to pay half. And $650 is how much he has left. After he pays him back he is going to sell it. Then, however much he gets for the bike, his dad will match for the purchase of his next bike. You know if he gets $1600 his dad will give him another $1600. The only problem is that the by the time he gets the money the prices wont be as low as they are right now. SO, how much do you think he will look at paying for at least an '03 YZ450F? He will not get a 426, he says its not a true 450 :applause: So how much do you think he is going to be looking at paying for a '03 or newer 450? He refuses to get a honda he hates them. And he asked me how much I thought they would cost. He will probably finish getting the money close to summer time, so around May (give or take 2 months) is when he is going to be buying the bike.

Have another beer. :applause:

my 04 450 is for sale right now $3,600

Tell him to look around on that will give him prices that 450s are going for now in the area, and also check that will give him the blue book value of any 450 so he's got a better idea of what one is worth. Hope that helps.

ok i need to get rid of my bike i'd take $3250

I've seen '03 450's as cheap as 2999$ on CycleTrader, but most are at least 3500$.

So he is lookinng at $3000+? K, I will tell him. Thanks.

I've got a clean 03 for 2600.00!

Great deal, but he wont have the money until may or so.

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