empathy for CRF owners

having been very creative at hanging shit on CRF owners ( because they are not Yamaha's) I now am starting to feel sorry for them.

i have read a few posts like these



and i thought they just had valve issues.

and at the end of the day, i must confess I actually feel bad for them.

part of bike riding is the humour we all share having a go at each other about our brands and loyalty, but it's no good if all these guys arent there. They will miss out on rides, suffer reduced resale value and the sheer frustration of being done over financially.

I'm surprised that one of the worlds leading motorcycle manufacturers is taking the approach that many claim that they are, as honda does have an enviable reputation for reliability built on bikes like the XR and so on.

on the bright side, we will have no shortage of people looking to buy our used WR's when we trade up.

think i'll just direct my digs to KTM owners now as CRF owners could actually snap and go off properly.

long live Yamaha

I hear what your saying, but WE are the problem. We get angry when the bike is not light and fast. We stop buying them. The factories then have no choice. Expect them all to follow suit in the years to come.

Hopefully some stay reliable.

If Honda spent as much on R&D as they did marketing, they might have a reliable bike.

What you going to say about KTM??? Just wondering, they are a great light, reliable bike!

I think they are alot more available here in Australia then they are in the states.

i'll say, " you buggers(on 450-525's) how come you pass me while i'm flat maggot and can still wave with one hand as you go by?

and then say Keep Trying Mono's, and the regular stuff we give each other.

I dont really dislike any bikes, it's just KTM owners give good shit back because they're actually there, waiting for me.

its just brand to brand shit hanging. its just i think some honda owners may be a little sensitive, justifiably.

I suppose compared to the old XR a WR is high maintenance and unless done right it can be trouble, but it sounds like some of these guys are trying to do it by the book and not having much luck.

maybe also with things like TT they may just be able to iron out some model teething( no gearbox pun intended) issues.

hope the next generation WR isnt as fragile but as stated we want faster lighter and all that stuff and will only pay so much

we'll see what happens

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