another WR450 jetting question

I also posted in jetting forum, but:

My friend and I have identical 05 WR450's. All the free mods, side of airbox opened up and PMB silent insert.

I am running Indy's kit 168 main red #5, 48 pilot, 1.5 turns out,40 leak 72 starter.

He runs #160 main,NDJN needle #4, 42 pilot, 2 turns, leak plugged, 72 starter. He changed to a 100 pilot air jet, and reversed ACV diaphram.

Both bikes run great from sea level to 4,000 ft, California 60 to 80 degrees. No bog, no problems.

What's the deal? I would have thought with the WR running lean stock, that his jetting would lean the bike even more.

Anyone have any thoughts. thanks

It is the ACV, screws around our jetting. YZ's don't have it and run basically the same jetting as your mate.

It seems like a great idea. I was as confused as you on this very topic, I still would like

to try it out sometime when I could be bothered playing around with jetting.

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