I just picked up a used 04 wr450. i have been reading alot of threads about the grey wire mods and i can't figure out if i can do this to my bike or not. Some guys say you need the yz cams to do this so it is not a free mod.Is this true? Or should i just go ahead and disconect the grey wire.

Thanks in advance.....Todd

:applause: as far as i know you can just unplug it.and your set

04 WR450

04 crf150

I bought a brand new 04 wr450 over a year and 500mi. ago. The bike is completely stock except for the mandatory free mods. I just recently (finally) disconnected the gray wire. It may rev a little higher than before but it honestly doesn't make a difference w/ the riding I do. On a smooth road where you could rev each gear out it might be noticeable, but I wouldn't worry about doing this mod. too much. As for yz timing and cams, buy a yz. The whole point of the wr having different timing and cam's is to make it more trail friendly i.e. less stalling when the going gets slow.

YES, smr96.

Finally someone who makes some sense, you want a yz go buy one.

I recently went trail riding with a guy on a YZ450 (rec reg) and i'm so glad that i bought my WR ! The YZ's four speed box, gear ratios, power curve and flywheel weight are all wrong for this type of riding - but it was the suspension that totally wore him out. Another example of thinking in advance and buying a bike that suits your needs. YZ's are great bikes - just have a look at their record - but WR's have in won in the bush.

I know i havent cut mine for that fact SMR96. If i wanted a YZ450f then i would have got one . but Im very glad I got a WR instead. :applause:

04 WR450

04 crf150

You must be my brother :applause: Already thinking of hopping it up :bonk: Can't leave anything alone can ya.. :cry:

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