Can i raise the gearing?

Good day to you all!!!

I live in england and intend to use my WR400 for riding to and from my place of work during the winter months, i am soon to try YZ timing on an otherwise standard bike, do you think this will give me the extra BHP to raise the gearing yet still enjoy the instant accelaration that i enjoy so much? If so should i loose teeth from the rear sprocket or add teeth to the front, whats best?

I would go w/ fewer teeth on the rear.

if it's road riding i would go 15T on the front. that is worth about 3 teeth off of the rear sprocket and means you won't have to change chains hopefully.


Paul, I just read this post, hope it helps...Last year, I "converted" my bike with Avon Gripsters for a weekend of road riding in the mountains of north Georgia. I was concerned about top speed so I put a 15 T on the front and a 46 T on the rear. Cruising at 80 mph was no problem and it still accelerated just fine. I was able to use the same chain and the extra wheelbase length added stability.

there is another way paul...

gear the bike 13T x 46T and then go to a 15T front for the road. if your changing the rear wheel and thus the sprocket go to a 45T because the two teeth on the front will be cancelled out by the one off the rear and very little adjustment will be needed.

many peple don't realise this but a chain is only good for adjusting about one tooth on one direction before you can't shove the wheel far enough in the S/A etc.


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