WANTED: 21" front rim for XR650R

Looking to buy a front rim for an XR650R. Found a crack in mine today. I don't need the complete assembly, just the rim, unless the price is right. Thanks

Recommend getting an EXCEL rim. The stock DID's are part butter.

I have a new black excel rim for the front...will sell for $110 plus shipping. I also have the excel hd stainless spoke kit for $70 plus shipping of course.


I'd love to take you up on that excel rim but I'm gonna have to pass. I'm hoping to get by a little cheaper, plus I'm kinda anal, I couldn't have just one black rim.

I'm watching a complete wheel assembly off of a CRF450. It was a new take off for supermoto. Does anyone know if this will work on a BRP?

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