Best motard wheel size for an "L"

I see different sizes being used ranging from 4.25 to 5.00.

I am looking at a 17x3.50/120 for the front and would like to run a 150 or 160 on the rear.

Anyone have any experience with a rear setup?

4.25 fits nice with a 150. 5 with a 160 fits too, but is tight.


4.25 it is then.

What do you do about connecting the factory speedo unit to the front CRF hub??

Don't, the 17" wheel will give you the wrong speed and odometer readings, by 11% I think. You will indicate faster speed and roll up miles quicker.

Trailtech is the way to go, you can configure it for the 17" tires. Or better yet, Service Honda has a new speedo for $150, looks nice.


3.50 for front, 4.25 for rear w/ a 160 no problem...Trailtech cures the speedo issue...


Lynx it is then!


Anyone got some shots (pics) of their trailtech setups on XR650Ls??? I have the stock on there now, but it reads WAY too fast and miles are building up much quicker.

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