Swingarm Linkage Lube

When you guys lube these things are you taking off the swing-arm too? And lubing the swingarm ? Or just doing the linkage?

Just checked the valves at 1900 miles (after an adjustment at 500) and there dead on :applause:

These bikes rock!!

Yes, take the swing arm and all the linkage off. Make sure to work in a clean area and keep track of the whole setup. I did mine when it was fairly new, so I just wiped the old grease out and packed a good Moly grease in. Make sure to torque everything properly. Look in the manual for more info.


2005 WR450F

Yep, take it all off and use plenty of grease.

Yep, take it all off and use plenty of grease.

I crack myself up sometimes. :applause:

Whats so funny??? I just love doing it that way...... doesnt everybody?


Put grease fittings in mine.

I just tore mine all down for the first time yesterday (just over 500 miles) and removed the "string cheese" solid lubricant, and replaced it with Moly grease. The swingarm bearing was adequately lubed with grease, (it didn't have the "cheese"), but I packed some more in anyway. The linkage, all of the pivot bolts, and the rear axle bolt all got a healthy dose of Moly grease. Glad I took the time to tear it down, because it needed it.

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