Yz Tank???

I am currently buttoning up the finishing touches on the rebuild/restoration of my 99 wr400 streetmotard. But I want to make it look better/ more streamlined, my camel hump of a tank and seat are the ugly originals and after 7 years on the trail (sh*t that's old :cry: ) it's pretty obvious that there battered and bruised.

So here's the question, will a stock yz 426 tank fit on my bike, I know it's got a small capacity, and I'll have to change the seat (thank god :cry:, time for something taller/softer ). But do the dimensions, bolts, and shrouds line up. I'm not planning on any distance riding (wrong bike to do it on), I just want to tear up my city streets in here in SLO (San Luis Obispo), and look good while doing it :applause: .

Oh yeah, does any one know how many miles can be pulled from the yz 426 tank :bonk: , I know this question may be better suited on the YZ forum :cry: .

our WR426's got the YZ tank and seat in the UK.

The yz bits are a straight swap onto a YZ 400/426

Oh, and about 80 miles to a tank on the road, goes down to about 50 on the trails, and about 35ish when i'm racing.

I have a 99 WR that I put an IMS YZ seat and tank on, everything matched up fine. I did have to re-route the fuel line however, the petcock on the YZ (it is a YZ tank, not WR) tank is on the clutch side of the bike unlike the WR. I never rode my bike with the stock WR seat/tank.....I was convinced it needed to go by all the reviews I read.

Good luck

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