I have read the jet posts but still I am not sure

Okay guys here is the first post.

Have an 06 WR450 put in the AIS Kit, Grey wire pulled and Pipe restricter removed (not drilled out holes and removed small piece from exhaust but removed the entire insert, The GYTR insert is on its way). Well went for the first ride yesterday and WOW!! but.....there seems to be a hesitation at about mid throttle and it intermittent stalling when at a stop and rev it up and let it off the bike will sometimes stall out and be difficult to restart.

I think this may be a jetting issue and am looking for some suggestions as to what jet would be best or if you have any other ideas as to what may be causing this i would greatly appreciate it.

BTW I am in the Phoenix area about 1500' in elevation (up to 4000') and running anywhere from 50deg to 110deg.



Give these settings a whirl...

Elevation 0 to 4,000 feet:

30 to 45 degrees: 172 main, JD Blue #5, 48 Pilot, 2.0 turns, 75 starter jet, #0 leak jet

45 to 60 degrees: 170 main, JD Blue #4, 48 Pilot, 1.75 turns, 72 starter jet, #0 leak jet

60 to 75 degrees: 170 main, JD Blue #3 or JD Red #5, 48 Pilot, 1.5 turns, 70 starter jet, #40 leak jet

75 to 90 degrees: 168 main, JD Red #5, 48 Pilot, 1.25 turns, 68 starter jet, #50 leak jet

90 degrees plus: 165 main, JD Red #4, 45 Pilot, 2.0 turns, 65 starter jet, #60 leak jet

These take into account an opened airbox and the JD Jetting kit installed, but they'll give you a good foundation to work from...SC

I ride 1500 to 4000 feet 40 to 105 degrees and just split the differance

170 main blue needle at the 3 spot-runs great

My current PHX jetting: 170 main, JD Blue #4, 48 Pilot, 1.75 turns, 72 starter jet, #40 leak jet.

Perfect for the morning, runs a little rich in the afternoon.


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