I think I know the problem now (my theory)

For those of you who remember my fiasco last month with my 1/2 to 3/4 throttle bog that I couldnt jet out......I think I know whats wrong......at least I have a theory to prove when I get it on the dyno next week.

Here's the link to original discussion if you missed it.


With my current gearing (stock counter sprocket and 52 rear sprocket) I believe I am hitting the rev limiter....simple as that. Does anyone know what a 426's rev limiter rpm is at? I ride street bikes a lot and I think Im just used to having more top end (about 5k rpm more). I settled with a 45pj, stock needle on 4, and 168mj and just went and rode the mountains this last weekend and the bike ripped! The woods were to tight to ever reach the rev limiter for the most part......it was just as I remembered it on my last 426 one year ago.

In areas I was actually able to get 3rd wound out and into 4th I still never felt the bog. So, either the extra load on the bike or short shifting before hitting the limiter was keeping me from ever feeling it. :applause:

Im still bothered by the fact that I cant use all the throttle.:bonk: .......but at least I have more power than I know what to do with when on the trails (desert would be a different story).

Any thoughts?

11,500 RPM. If the grey wire is disconected. If not I think it is 10,500

Try disconnecting the TPS (connector at left rear of fuel tank with two wires to the top of carburetor). This will cut mid range advance and eliminate a lot of part throttle spitting and hesitation, especially on fire roads and highways.

Yeah, I tried that a while back and all it did was smooth out the bike a bit at constant throttle. Nothing else.

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