Brake Help

Hey everyone, I'm having a problem with my front brake on my 00' yz426f.

I noticed that the front wheel felt like it was "dragging", when the bike is on the stand, the front wheel dosnt spin freely, when spinned by hand it only does about one revolution and stops. I drained the brake fluid, and dissasembled the brake caliper. Everything seemed O.K. so I re-installed the braking components. At first the wheel spun around perfect while the system was dry, after the fluid was topped off and all the air bled out, the wheel stuck again. I checked to see if maybe the brakes were just out of adjustment, but that wasnt the case. I am all out of options to my knowledge, can anyone give me advice. Thanks!

Maybe the rotors bent?

I've had similar trouble on my '03 450. I ended up replacing the mounting bracket and the slide pins. I do not remember hitting anything but it was a little bent.

I started by checking out the pistons to make sure they were retracting, it does not take much dirt or scratch to interfere with the piston movement. Mine were OK but it is worth a look.

I finally noticed that the brake disc moved quite abit sideways when I applied the brake (much more than my KXF). I actually wore out one side of the disc before I figured it out.

Good luck, and let us know what you find.

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