scotts stainless steel oil filter question

A guy at the Honda dealership told me that Scotts re-usable oil filters are no good because they allow the oil to flow to fast. I don't see how that could be possible when the filters are supposed to sift out much smaller particles than paper filters. He said that the Scotts filter caused many motors to blow up so they decided to stop stocking them. I've gotten a lot of bad info from shop employees before, so I rarely listen to anything they say. Is this guy full of crap or what? I hope he is.

I've ran Scotts (or similar) stainless filters on my YZ426, CRF450, Z400, DS650 with zero problems. They just want to sell you paper filters (over, and over, and over........).

Do a search on the filter and you'll find a ton of info. Unfortunately, I don't recall details off the top of my head, so I can't really summarize, but from what I recall, my conclusion was that the Scotts re-usable filter is a good product that don't won't impede performance and reliability.

I recall reading some detailed threads on the topic in the YZ450F forum.

I think this is one of them:

sounds like something the dipsticks at my honda dealership would say, hence the reason I own a yamaha. :bonk: I have had zero troubles with my reusable filter. I probably have somewhere between 2000-3000 miles on mine. :applause:

Some of these dealerships hire some real tools. My Yamaha,Honda dealer didn't know the difference between a WR throttle stop and a YZ throttle stop. They couldn't under stand why I wanted to order the YZ one for my WR. I couldn't believe there lack of knowledge.

Some dealerships hire real winners :applause: . Why would it matter if the oil flowed too fast? It would be bad if it flowed to slow;but not too fast.

sounds like something the dipsticks at my honda dealership would say, hence the reason I own a yamaha.

My Yamaha and Honda dealer are one in the same.

I have been thinking about getting one of those filters. How much are they?

I love mine. I have them on all my bikes.

once again- TT has helped- I have been thinking about the scotts filter- That answers that question for me also- thanks

I run the k&n mesh re-usable there great just blow it out with air put it back and filler with oil no problems.They probably want you to keep coming back for filters in there shop to spend more of your hard earned money.

For decades Yamaha used brass filters. The stainless is far and away better than the OEM brass filters. I've been using the stainless filters in my KTM now for 4 years with zero problems and thousands of miles.

The problem with filter discussions in general is that most filter makers will not state what the filtration rate of their filters are. Scotts is an exception with their stainless filters. They state the filtration rate. Not all paper filters are equal. K&N I'm sure is better than some cheap knock off brand of paper filter made in China or somewhere else.

My experience has been that most filters will do an adequate job if you replace them often and keep your oil fresh and clean. I still have a 1986 Yamaha TT350 that I bought new. It was never raced but has many hard miles on it. That bike has only known the brass filters. :applause:

If you'd like, you can save yourself a couple of bucks and go with a Ready Racing CompFlow filter. Just like the Scotts, but a bit cheaper. I've got one and have zero complaints...SC

I have been thinking about getting one of those filters. How much are they?
Kinda depends on brand and where you get it. But 40-80 fun tokens seems to cover them all.

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