Trip meter (odometer)

Hey all, anyone have their odometer quit working. Mine stopped at 429mi. I took it apart and the cable is fine. It is a mystery. I tried to take apart the unit itself, but was unsuccessful. Is it possible to use the cable and wheel interface for a speedo? Just a thought.


Well perhaps this is not a subject of interest to the forum. Ok, is this a subtle way of saying ...check the archives? In any case I will do just that.


Check that cable again. Some times they break but still turn by hand untill you put em in the hole and there is drag on it. Try to chuck a small drill bit and put it in the o meter and spin it. A speedo would work but would not be calibrated to the bike unless you got it off a bike with the same size front wheel. Even then you may want to doubble check the accuracy. There are electronic enduro computers that have all the bells and whistles, I forget who makes em though.

Thanks Jason


Don't feel too bad. Now you have an excuse to get a nicer speedo. I got a trail tech speedometer from and it has been a lot of fun. It shows a lot more than trip distance. It cost 65 bucks I think. Well worth it!

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