How to buy Handle Bars

I was looking at getting a new Renthal or ProTaper handle bar for my stock 04WR450. How do I know what to get?

There are different heights, widths, sweeps, etc.

Anyone got any ideas.

I am 170lbs, 5'8" and I ride my bike strictly in the back country on dirt roads and trails.


if your going to use the stock upper triple clamp you'll have to stay with the 7/8" bar. you can get an adapter for the 1 1/8" bar but it'll add height. not sure you want that at 5'8". if you replace the upper triple clamp, you can do what ever you want.

through the years it seems the "cr high" bend has become the bench mark. around here we trim our bars to fit between the trees. at 29" it becomes a problem getting the clutch and front brake lever brackets in the right place. they end up in the bend of the bars. the renthal yz80 bend (7/8" diameter) has become pretty popular in that it comes at 29", the grip/lever area is the same length as "normal" bars, and is very close to the cr high bend.

I just got the blue Renthal Twinwalls because they looked awesome and I trashed my stockers. I think I got the CR bend, pretty standard. I had to get the adapter kit then set my bars where they felt comfy for me. I love them. I am not sure I would felt the difference in them when I bought them. I think most of them are pretty close though.

I just installed protaper cr-high on my bike ,now it is much more comfortable while standing. I am 5'8".

Thanks for your help.

I look forward to getting a new set of bars.

I feel ya. After more than a year I finally bent the stockers. Got a set of Pro Tapers in standard 7/8 so they fit in the stock mounts. They're Henry/Reed bend. After mounting 'em up felt much shorter than stock and took some time to get used too.

I just went to the Rentha fat bar KTM non 03 bend from CR high bends. They have almost half the sweep of the CR which helps to keep my elbows out and they have long ends that even when cut down leave room for the controls. Height is nearly the same. Really pleased with the overall change.

Oh and I'm 5'9".


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