San Felipe accommodations

Going down for the 250 in late March, I need a " Fairly Nice" place to stay for the likes of the beeeatch :applause: , internet does no justice as the pictures may be 20 years old.I haven't been down to San Felipe in a long time, any suggestions would be great........................ :bonk:

I stay at the El Cortez hotel, I don't have a number right now but I can get it.

Town has been sold out for months.

Bring a camper/trailor or tent.

There are endless beach campgrounds....but some of those also will be crowded.

Best bet will be south of town--Percebu will have plenty of room. If ya need to be close to the action (town is a zoo that weekend--and not in a good way) then go to Mikes/ Paradiso...and bring ear plugs.

The 250 is early March this year (10-11th). Dont go in late March except for early Spring Bait, I mean Break. :thumbsup: Steny

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