yz 426 front sprocket removal

Any tricks to get this sucker to break free...Wife standing on rear brake...i lifting the stinking bike and wife off the ground trying to get the counterchaft nut to loosen up....

Anyone been there, done that? Sure could use the help...I do not want to Round off the nut.......



Impact!!! Thats a big nut and hold a lot of tourqe.The sharp blows help a lot.

And put the gears in neutral, you don't want to break anything.

definately either an impact gun or a breaker bar with a hammer. CRFthumper has it correct. :thumbsup:

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In this case you didn't even have to search but just glance at the latest threads.

I had a tough time getting mine off of my WR this winter. Impact would not break it loose. I finally got it off with a bf pair of channel locks and a breaker bar.

Try some PB BLaster on the nut prior to....

I had to use a Impact as well. Good Luck

Forget trying to hold the brake or put it in gear... I put a hammer handle through the spokes on top of the swingarm. Put it right up against the nipples. There is no way on earth you will be able to generate enough force to do any damage. Works every time. Repeat for installation, but this time under the swingarm... obviously.

Note: Assuming you still have the chain on.

Forget trying to hold the brake

i do that every time, works perfect .... :thumbsup:

When doing work like this I was taught by the old schoolers. I work by myself so no ones around to hold my brake. Take a piece of 3/8 soft nylon rope and tie a knot in it at the end. Remove your spark plug and slide the knot into the cylinder and carefully raise the piston till it stops. Take the sprocket off or the flywheel what ever your doing and then to tighten back up reverse the process. I'm curious as to what you think about this method, so do tell.

Good tips....thanks Guys....went without a hitch :thumbsup:... New chain and sprockets...just waiting to get dirty :bonk:~

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