AIS removal and jetting ?

I just jetted my 05 wr 450 with an FMF Q pipe and throttle stop mod. Do I need to rejet again when I remove the AIS ,grey wire,and open air box?

bump ,sorry :thumbsup:

You may be a little lean after you open the air box. But the Gray wire and AIS should not affect jetting.

The grey wire and throttle stop are essentially two steps to the same mod. The AIS doesn't really affect jetting, it just removes the smog pump and eliminates a source of deceleration popping that can make diagnosing jetting issues more difficult. The airbox will affect jetting, and may require a bit of an increase in jet sizes to compensate for the leaner condition. Whether or not you need to rejet after this depends on how the bike is performing, your altitude and temperature. In order to point you in the right direction, we need to know these things. Indy's jetting chart will provide you with a good foundation, but it is primarily for 03's and 04's bikes with the JD kit as well. I've tweaked it a bit for the 05/06 bikes based on what I've seen with my '05...SC

Hey Clark4131,

I just picked up up an '06 WR450 and I live in Reno, too. I'm in the middle of doing the free mods, AIS, Jetting, etc. What jetting changes/tweaks are you using?


Look at my specs in the jetting database, first page, 5th post...SC

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