Just coming off a 04 KTM 300 mxc

I am 28, race hare scrambles and Cross Countries, 05 was my first year pro. Raced my ktm the last 2 years and am now looking at an 06 450f. I test rode an 05 from my local dealership. I think it has stock gearing (14:50 was on it) so I was stalling it a lot. First gear felt as fast as my 2nd on the ktm. But once the trail opened up the yz suspension, handling, really made me smile. That ktm was a great motorcycle but the front end was a little scary so this bike feels like butter.

Knowing that the 06 has the 5 speed will already help the fact that I kept stalling it and that it was to jumpy, a little aggresive. If I could tone it down a little and smooth it out, I would have the ultimate race weapon. My riding position will have to change, and will adapt with time.

I am thinking of adding a 12-14oz flywheel and going one, or two teeth smaller on the front sprocket. These few changes with the 5 speed should make the difference. This bike has plenty of power, I am not interested in adding hp just smoothing it out, a melower hit off the bottom. any more suggestions?

You should ride the 450 f another time and see if you still want the changes. The first time I rode a yz450f, it was kind of freaky and alien compared to anything I had ever rode except for a CR 500, but the second ride was fine and I adjusted. The engine braking is freaky at first, the radical low end torque is freaky, but you get used to all that stuff in a hurry. The light flywheel is akward at first too, but you adapt.

The engine braking wasn't as bad as i thought it would be, can definately be an advantage in some circumstances. downhills and boulder riding are for sure a 2 strokes domain.

Are there any tricks for quicker/easier starting. the bike was jetted well and i like the auto decompression.

My 450 starts with the choke on when cold. I prime it with a quarter turn of the throttle to throw a squirt of fuel in it, then return the throttle to off before kicking.

When hot, I pull the hot-start lever and kick it, throttle off. If it doesn't start with a couple kicks, I get desperate and open the throttle a quarter, kick it and it usually starts.

Since the throttle has an accelerator pump that squirts gas into the carb throat every time you twist the throttle, make sure that you don't twist it a bunch with the engine off. Some say that 3 twists with engine off can fill up the whole combustion chamber. Try not to twist it all except for the initial prime. Don't let kids play with the throttle.

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