Running / Breaking in WR450F

I getting my new bike tomorrow. Am very excited yehaaaaaa :bonk:

What is the best running in / breaking in procedure for the bike. Especially transmission and engine??

Any advice will be welcome. Thanks :applause:

You might want to break it in very gently, as the manual describes.

Or then again you may want to use the mototune USA method:

There are differing opinions. Both seem to be ok and they are at such different ends of the spectrum that any method is probably ok as long as you keep it moving and dont just rev its guts out under no load.

Best break in procedure is to use mineral oil and change the oil and filter every ride untill the filters come out clean, 5 - 6 hrs or so.

The filter will have a bit of metallic slivers on it, this is just from the clutch plates.

The oil will look shiny, this is the metallic particles mostly from the clutch plates also.

The engine will feel tight, and will loosen and start to rev a lot easier the more you ride it. Mine took about 1000kms till it didn't improve any more.

It doesn't really matter if you are gentle or smash the guts out of it, just give it fresh oil and filters for the first few rides.

How much oil does the WR450F engine hold. In other words how much oil will I need for each change :thumbsup:

It holds around 1.5 quarts, i really don't go by hrs on the bike, because you can ride it for very few miles on it for long periods of time, i usually go by tank fulls, 2 tank fulls would be enough to break it in, matty05 is correct change your oil and filter every ride, what i dont agree on with matty05 is smashing it for this period, it's called "break in period" all the gears and metals are being worn for the first time, you can go fast, just don't pin it coming out of corners, don't rev it really high on straights.... you'll be fine

The evidence shows no difference with break in methods, it will take a lot more than 2 tankfulls either way. I did baby mine for the first 2 or 3 rides, but I didn't smash it afterwards either.

It takes 1.1 litres with oil filter change, and 1 litre with out. I recommend you use a heavy weight oil over there, I use Motul 5100 semi synthetic 15w-50 now, but I used Motul 3000 4T 20w-50 mineral oil for the first 600 - 700kms. It is a constant 30c - 33c here in Aust where I live. It doesn't really matter what brand you go with, just get the best you can for the price you are willing to pay. Some people use car oils, but be aware, you got to know what you are using as car oils are about fuel efficiancy and have friction modifiers that will make your clutch slip. Stick to motorcycle "wet clutch" oils and you cant go wrong.

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