XR 650 L carb choices????????


I can buy a used mikuni flatslide for a good price of this site. Should I?

WHAT IS THE BEST CARB FOR MY BIKE. Im going big bore and big cam for the road strictly. Oil cooler. I want a carb that will run well and have wicked top end charge. I can jet and fiddle pretty good.





You said you like to fiddle? The edelbrock let's you fiddle from out side with out takeing the carb off with the mikuni you change jet's from inside,but you knew that. Neither one changes lead into gold as far as power,but the bike will run and start better with either one. So comes down to $$$$$$$$$ mikuni win's

Pumper carbs (Edelbrock & FCR) beat non pumper carbs (Mikuni) for acceleration.

Just about anything is better than stock for a "built" motor.

Edelbrock wins due to ease of tuning.


So a built motor would like a pumper better?

So a built motor would like a pumper better?

In my experience yes. I got the stock carb dialed in for a Yosh system and twin air.

When I went to 10.25:1 piston and hotcams with the same exhaust and filter, the bike ran like crap. I tried everything from a 158 to a 170 main. I also tried 55 pilot up to 68. Nothing worked, the bike had two really bad low spots and started hard.

I put the Edelbrock on, used the slimmer needle, and adjusted the needle height to middle of the range. Started up on the first try. Accelerates faster and doesn't backfire when fully warmed up. I have played with the needle height since and made small improvements. Right now the bike is running a tad rich per the plug.

I have no experience with the FCR or Mikuni on this bike. Both are great carbs, but for the money Edelbrock seems to make the most sense to me.


How many Mikuni's work for this bike? Pumper -nonpumper?

How many Mikuni's work for this bike? Pumper -nonpumper?

I use the mikuni from XRs only. Have had good result's

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