426 suspension issue

*I originally posted this in the suspension forum, but haven't have much in the way of help* OK so My rear suspension is giving me some problems on my 2000 yz 426f. this past weekend i noticed that it felt too soft, it was squatting so much that my tire actually rubbed my muffler a couple times. i noticed that there is shock oil leaking down the metal rod that runs inside of the spring. I'm not very familiar with modern suspensions, i assuming that the seal is blown for whatever reason. i just ride trails on it, no racing or jumping. i weigh about 220lbs so i need to have new spring installed that are correct for my weight. can anyone please tell me... A. what is going on with my rear suspension & what should be done to properly fix it? B. what springs should i go with in the front & rear? C. are their any good suspension shops in the Dallas area? any info that i can get is much appreciated. :thumbsup:

first off you need to rebuild the shock and repair the shock head seal.

second, get the correct spring rate front and rear for you on the bike.


Play with their calculators there for what spring rates you need, then order springs. Either stock Yamaha from a dealer or aftermarket.

If you're not racing or super aggressive then you should be okay with just a rebuild. I weigh roughly the same as you and am satisfied with my rebuilt shock w/ stock spring. Once you get it rebuilt then decide if the spring is needed.

Just my opinion.

I've got a Race Tech 5.6 rear spring for sale. Depending on your riding ability it should work for you.

thanks for the info guys. I'm fixing to drop some weight so it will be wise to hold off on the springs until i see how much weight i actually loose. if i get to the recommended weight for my factory springs should i still replace them due to them being 6 years old? i need to rebuild the front & rear anyhow so should i replace the springs too? Also would the racetech springs be better the OEM? thanks again for the help.

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