2006 450 fuel screw ??! Quick adjust/easy access?

After jetting the bike to burned rec. settings the bike is very responsive here in Pa. (48pilot, 170 main). Anyway I put on a fuel screw adjuster that you can adust with your fingers without dealing with tilting the carb and using a small screwdriver. After riding the I checked the screw and noticed it backed itself out a # of turns. What is everyone doing to keep them from backing out and has anyone else had the problem?

We had the fuel screw fall out on the track durring a race. Had to order the fuel screw kit from Yamaha as the parts are not sold individually, Plus the Zip Ty part.

I now put a small knick in the threads of the fuel screw at the bottom of the threads. This has stopped the fuel screw from backing itself out and has not seemed to screw up the carb threads.

I know another guy that puts a dab of silicon sealer on the threads and he says it holds even after a couple of adjustments.

Good luck


Stretch the spring that comes out when you remove the screw. A little stretch will put more pressure on the screw and keep it from backing out. Don't go crazy on it! stretch it out about another 1/8 inch and reinstall. This should do the trick.

Thanks I'll try stretching the spring and keep and eye on it and see how that goes. Any other ideas keep them coming. :thumbsup:

I had an aftermarket fule screw vibrate out on one of my bikes also. It fell out and ruined my day. I went back to a stock one. It was easier to get to, but the added length and weight near the end of the screw make it effected more by vibration and it will have more of a tendency to vibrate loose than a stock one.

I now just keep a long screw driver bit head with me that I use for adjustments. It stays in the top of my tool box and works just as well. i will not buy another extended screw.

I recommend the Kouba link fuel screw, the TY Davis ones are known to fall out or mis thread, (just from what Ive read over the past 4 years). They arent as pretty but Ive never had one fall out


I have had problems with my Zip-tye coming loose on my 06 but not on my 03. I plan to stretch the spring to see if that helps otherwise I will go back to stock and use a screwdriver. I would recommend a FCR carb tool, MSR and I believe Motion Pro both make one, its only $12.00 well worth the money for making carb adjustments. No need to tilt carb to remove MJ or PJ, plus tool to adjust stock pilot screw.

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