Frame paint suggestions

I have some spots on the frame of my 01 YZ426 that need to be painted. I was wondering if any of you TTers have suggestions on procedure, or what primer, paint, or clear coat to use? Thanks in advance for the info.

I had custom powder coating in dallas media blast and powder coat my frame, subframe, handlebars, upper clamp, ignition cover, valve cover and clutch cover. The powder coating still looks great after a years worth of riding. :thumbsup:

PJ1 Yamaha Blue, frame paint:

Color-Rite code: 5815 (deep purplish blue metallic)

Manufacturer's code: 564

paint (1 small can) $ 19,95

clear coat (1 small can) $12.95

The shop will give you advice on priming.

Never paint anything on unsanded or greasy surfaces.

Forget the paint and buy an 06

Thanks for the tips guys. I would have it powder coated if I wanted to tear the bike apart, but I don't. I would buy an 06 if I had money like shigbie, but I don't.

Like you, powder coating and a new bike (I am / WAS hoping to get an 06 YZ450F...) is out of the question.

I am giving some black epoxy paint, w/ primer a shot.

I presently have all yellow plastic w/ Hannah Era graphics on my 99 WR420 (bigbore).

I think a silver powdercoat would look cool. The pj1 stuff is pretty decent, however.

i used aircraft carrier deck paint, it is not the smoothest or brightest paint , but is really hard to scrape or chip off.

Do we want to ask how you obtained this paint??? Everytime I try to sneak on board to get some, they catch me.

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