White Brothers Exhaust

I made this post over in General, but I thought it would do good here. I got a good deal on the E-Series with discs on ebay and ordered a quiet core 2 for it off of Dennis Kirk in hopes it will be quieter than my Powercore 4, which can't pass a 100Db test to save it's own life (obviously). I'm just wondering if anybody can pass tests with these things. I'm tired of loudness and I got a hell of a deal. Anyway, let me know.

I believe running 6 discs will help but cuts your low end...you'll have to play around with it and see...if you do a search on the threads you should be able to find some info on this..it's been brought up before.

I have the E-Series on my 426 and I love it... but its still fairly loud. Im not sure how many discs I have in it right now, but I doubt its quieter than 100db.

The only other drawback about the E-series is the weight. That thing is heavy. I had one on my 426 and switched out to a FMF Ti set up. Huge weight savings.

I am the one you just bought that exhaust from on ebay. You did get a good deal. :bonk: I was running it on my 01 426. The HS series I run in FL requires 96 dB and that is the reason I am getting rid of the pipe after using it for a total of maybe 2 months. I had it sound checked and it was floating right around 98-99 dB with the AMA test method. The Pipe right now has 9 diffuser disks and 1 spark arrestor disk. As others have said I know you can tune it with the number of disks but honestly I never messed with it other than taking it apart to polish/clean the disks. Good luck with the pipe though and I should be able to get it shipped tommorow. :thumbsup:

Less discs=less noise. Though it also affects performance.

2 discs and the spark arrestor on mine is putting out 95 decibels.

Less discs=less noise. Though it also affects performance.

2 discs and the spark arrestor on mine is putting out 95 decibels.

You could try leaning it out a little to make up for it. I just got the Zip-Ty externally adjustable fuel screw and it's going to help out a lot tuning this thing in.

:thumbsup: Absolutely, in fact I added the easy adjust screw right after that because of how it was running that first day, I dropped down to 2 discs from 12 just before riding in Stonyford, and quickly found out how much I wanted to make the fuel adjustment easier.

How many turns did you have to go with 2 discs and the arrestor? I'm at 2 3/4 turns right now.

I'm in a bit more than 1/2 turn from before. I was only out about 2 1/4 turns to begin with.

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