YZ number plate w/odometer?

I was thinking of going with a YZ number plate on my '03 WR, but I would like to keep the odometer. Has anybody done this?


I have.

drill two little holes on each side of the top of your new plate and zip tie them to your brackets.

do the same on the bottom back of the plate and zip tie them to the bottom clamps.

works okay not the best set up but it works.

Eddie. :thumbsup:

I picked up an UFO front number plate for mine, if you remove the bracket at the bottom for the headlight the pins fit perfect in the holes with a little trimming at bottom of number plate then just zip tye at top. I removed the odometer cable on mine so cant give any input there.

anyone have a headlight and brakets for me : )

anyone have a headlight and brakets for me : )

Sorry ,but I am pulling all the lights and such off mine, but am going to keep the parts, the bike is plated for dual sport use and if I ever decide to sell it,it will be worth more setup as a dual sport bike.

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