XR650L Zerk fittings

I have an 04 and it has one fitting on the main pivot, (where the bolt goes through the frame). The book shows two on the dogbone link too. There are some flats on mine where the zerks would go, but no fittings. I am thinking I will put some in there. Is there any reason not to? Does anyone know when Honda stopped including them?

it would be a good idea to install Zerks on your dogbone ... my 2001 had both Zerks, and my KoubaLink has both .. simple enough to do...drill, tap .. :thumbsup:

My 03 650L has the Zerk fittings and so does the XRs only lowering link I just installed, looks like they just tried to cut some cost on the newer bike. hopefully they used the same double bearings on each end of the link, the grease fittings feed in between the both bearings on my 03. :thumbsup:

My '01 is fully zerked. Every joint.


Anyone with an 04 or newer have more than one zerk? Did I get a Monday bike? :thumbsup:

Zerks are nice, but they don't clean out the junk. The new grease going in just takes the path of least resistance and squirts out the seal, leaving the old junk in there. Nothing beats a full tear down once a year or two and doing a proper job of it.

Mine only has one, at the swing arm pivot bolt.


mine has about 35230985723 all over the place.

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