Constant oil leakage, is this common???

I have my vent hose routed down towards my chain.. No oil spilled before its used twice here :thumbsup:

Thanks for the pic pops. I am trying to not only completely stop the oil leakage but ensure that If I was to stall in deep water, the water wouldnt have a direct path to run right into the crankcase also. Running it up I think is the only way it will work for what I need. Is this true or do you think it would even run back into the tube If I stalled in deep water?

Not a bad idea, put my personal preference is to not have the chain throwing the oil all over everything else. With an O-ring chain and a shot ot chian lube every now and then, I'm good to go. The motor oil doesn't stay on the chain that long before it flings off and I'm too lazy to clean the oil off the cylinder/carb etc. :bonk: I like the way you are thinking though! :thumbsup:

Next to the oil dip stick on the neck is where i ran the line to with the breather attached. I logged over 100 miles last weekend over a 3 day ride and I just checked the oil. Still full!!! It didnt drop at all on the dip stick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Usually before I would have to add oil every 60 to 75 miles. This is for sure a clean and effective way to eliminate losing oil, having to check your oil all the time and save from buying yamalube at $9.00 a quart every 2 weeks. A must do. With respect to the chain idea. It sounds good if you had a cheaper aftermarket chain that needed lubing but I think with the stock chain being o-ringed. It just sounds like an unnessisary mess to clean up. That doesent mean its a bad idea though. Just by opinion...

Different stocks right!!!

Okay heres the picture of the breather I mounted. I ran a 16 inch piece of 1/2 tubing from the local autoparts store up to a motorcycle crankcase breather I got at my local yamaha dealer. I removed the main large drip tube located on the left side of the bike on the top of the valve cover that runs down to the skid plate (you will have to remove the tank for this). I inserted the tube over where the previous one was on the valve cover and zip tied the other end to the dip stick area. See pic. This had eliminated all oil blow by and no more mess all over the left side of the bike. You won't have to check your oil every 50 miles or so now although you still probley should...Hope it helps and sorry for the poor grammer. :thumbsup:


I started a new thread on the mod above titled (oil leakage fixed check this out) check that out and leave messages there... No need to keep this one going I dont think?!?!?!?

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