heavier flywheel question?

Would you be interested in selling one, if I were to decide that I'd like one?

Sure, where are you located?

Cool, I'm in San Jose, CA.


Put the Stealey 8oz on my 02 426 and can't tell much difference. If you do this, go heavier than the 8oz...

I'm in Pasadena, I was thinking you could come over, but it's a little far. But I might make you a good deal on them.

i have a question, what does a flywheel weight really do for a motocross racer?

does it help to get rid of engine braking, and what else?


I guess the only real benefit for the MX racer, would be less chance of stalling the bike out in a tight turn, at low RPM's...that is, the inertia of the heavier flywheel would make it less likely to stall. I have a 2004 yz450f, and when I rode it in the woods, I would stall it at least 5 or 6 times a day......after I got acclimated to the bike, I just learned to use the clutch a little more judiciously in the tight stuff, and no more stalling. Since I ride both MX and trails, I don't want to give up the "hit" of the lighter flywheel, so I just have "learned" to ride it different in the tight stuff.

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