Removing the "Octapus"

I keep hearing of a free mod that removes the octapus (carb tubing system) from the carb but cant find a diagram of how to do it or re route everything. Can anyone help with this or maybe submit one for everyone to see. My bike is a 99 400. One more question... What are the benifits of doing this mod? Thanks guys... :bonk::thumbsup:

I found the directions I printed off in June of '01 when I did this mod to my bike.....Here are the instructions I followed step by step to remove the octopus from my '99 WR.

-Remove the carburetor

- Remove the vacuum module from the left side of the carburetor and all associated vacuum hoses.

-Plug the exposed vent port on the Intake Air Horn side of the carb with a standard rubber/plastic automotive vacuum plug cap. Plug the secondary start air jet input-on the left side of the carb with a second vacuum plug cap.

-Remove the carburetor float bowl and change the start jet in the carb from a #60 to the YZ#65, reinstall the float bowl.

-Change the #1 Pilot air jet from a #75 to the YZ#100-note this air jet is behind the air horn on the bottom. Remove the air horn via two screws, look at the carb there will be two air jets on the bottom, it's the one on the left, reference your manual if necessary. Reinstall the air horn using the two screws.

-Now is a good time to make any other jetting changes you have in mind.

-Reinstall the Carb in the bike.

-Now connect the hot start button vacuum line (the longest vacuum line) directly to the vacuum port on the Head Intake Manifold.

-You're DONE!

You won't recognize any performance benefits, it will make your bike easier to start and take the chance of any vacuum leaks from occurring due to all the additional plumbing.

Hope this helps :thumbsup:

awesome, this will be the first time mess with the carb, does anyone have any diagrams of the areas that need jetting or plugging etc.? Thanks for the info...

You might find some pictures posted if you do a search on "octopus" under the WR's.... I would go way back....around 2001 or so....this was a hot subject back in the day.

It's nice to know I'm not the only one with one of these vintage WR's :thumbsup:

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