04 yz450f rear spring

I weigh 200 lbs and adjusted the rider sag on the bike to spec, but now there is no free sag. I'm sure it's because the spring is too soft. Does anyone know where i can find a spring for a reasonable price that will suit my needs? i read somewhere that i may need a spacer, is this true?

Thanks TTers!!

Adding a spacer does nothing that turning the preload nuts won't do. You need a heavier spring rate. Once you determine the correct rate, you can shop eBay or post a want ad here.

when i mentioned the spacer, it was in addition to the new spring. how do i figure what spring rate i need?

use the spring rate calculator on racetech's website. You might want to go one size bigger than recommended though, because it seems they undersize. They recommended a 6.0 for me (6-5, 265, trails) and I got a 6.4 that is just about perfect, if not slightly undersized.

I recently bought an 03 YZ450F that had aftermarket suspension setup for a 200lb guy. The rear spring is made by Works Connection but I'm not sure on the actual number on it because my shock and forks are getting resprung right now. I should have my suspension back Friday and I'll check the number on the old spring if you're interested. I'd let it go for $60 shipped and I'll also check on the fork springs if you want also. I'd sell all three springs for $110 shipped. I think retail is $220.

I'm 220+ and I run a 5.8 spring in the rear. It made all the difference in the world.

I have a 5.7 I don't need. 50 bucks.

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